Bernie backers planning largest rallies outside DNC

The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week is expected to draw a big crowd, including more than 4,000 delegates, to the Wells Fargo Center to witness and celebrate the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the party’s presidential candidate. But the largest crowds gathering outside of the venue are shaping up to be pro-Bernie Sanders demonstrations. Permits for nine rallies hosted by Sanders supporters, between Sunday and Friday, have been approved by the city of Philadelphia. Several of the events are expected to attract thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands, of participants. At the largest of the rallies scheduled, March for Bernie at DNC, an estimated 30,000 are expected to attend the five-day event from Sunday (the day before the start of the convention) to Thursday. Organizers for a single-day rally, Bernie Sanders Rally/March, anticipate between 5,000-15,000 Sanders supporters on Monday. Two more events, to be held by Black Men for Bernie, are expected to attract 2,000 attendees apiece during the latter half of the week.

Source: Bernie backers planning largest rallies outside DNC


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