DNC Protests, Part One: Confusion or Sabotage?

Greetings, brothers, sisters, & others — We’ve made it out of Philadelphia & are beginning our trek home but, before too much time elapses, I want to write about something that …

Source: DNC Protests, Part One: Confusion or Sabotage?


There is no doubt in my mind that Bernie Sanders was forced into throwing in the towel! I don’t know what kind of threat were used and I don’t really care. I trust Bernie Sanders’ judgement and still love him and wish him the best! I despise Hellery for the criminal activity that she has done during the primary! I consider her to be a traitor to the American people and should be imprisoned. Anyone who tampers with the right to vote is a traitor as far as I am concerned! This is what I hated the most (of a long list) about the Repukes! I will do everything in my power to keep both Hellery and Drimpf out of office!